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Maintenance / inspection


An IR thermography inspection involves a so-called “qualitative” check. Qualitative thermography identifies potential abnormalities by analysing thermographic patterns and comparing temperature differences between neighbouring components. These inspections are not intended to generate exact temperature measurements.


Ultrasone Airborne/Structureborne inspections can identify beginning abnormalities at a very early stage. These could be electrical (LS & HS) or mechanical (e.g. bearings, valves, cylinders) defects, or air/gas leaks not detectable to the naked eye (or ear).  These inspections are undertaken using Ultrasound equipment in a non-destructive manner.

MCA, ESA & Power Quality:                                                                                                            

A Motor Circuit Analysis (Offline), Electrical Signature Analysis (Online) and Power Quality (Online) inspection is a “qualitative” inspection. The in-depth analysis, based on concrete measurements and registered values, provides a supported judgment regarding the condition of the inspected equipment.


ATEX (French abbreviation for ATmospheres EXplosives) is a European Law stating that wherever flammable substances are used or stored, specific actions must be taken to ensure they are safe places of work. Electrical installations in such areas must be periodically checked and approved in accordance with the regulations applying (NEN-EN IEC 60079 part 17). In line with these guidelines, protection measures are assessed to see if they comply with the requirements for the zone/installation in which they are located. The inspection includes a check of gas group, temperature class and protection measures. There are three inspection categories: Visual, Close and Detailed.


Vibration measurements can provide reliable information on the condition of rotating equipment, whether it is new, older or revised. Professional and accurate measuring and analysis of vibrations can identify irregularities, faults or defects at an early stadium. By making use of trend and spectrum analyses it is also possible to localise the source of vibrations.

Visual inspections:

Visual inspections cover a wide range of inspections. Visual inspections of machinery and installations can identify defects that may be overlooked by an operator in his/her day-to-day work.

NEN inspections:

Dutch-NEN inspections and certifications are vital to guarantee a safe electrical workplace. As electrotechnical specialists, we carry out NEN 3140 and NEN 1010 inspections. 

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