Custom E&I Engineering

Technotron is a leading E&I (Electrical and Instrumentation) engineering company, where we excel in the design, implementation and maintenance of advanced electrical systems for various industries.

With in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering, instrumentation and automation technologies, Technotron delivers customised solutions that meet customers’ specific needs. Whether designing electrical distribution systems, implementing process control systems or integrating advanced sensor technologies, Technotron is known for its ability to tackle complex challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Technotron’s E&I engineering services cover a wide range of activities, including designing electrical circuits, selecting suitable instrumentation, programming PLCs and SCADA systems, and performing commissioning and maintenance. With a focus on quality, reliability and safety, Technotron ensures that their systems meet the strictest standards and regulations in every sector in which they operate.

What sets Technotron apart is their ability to work closely with their clients, from concept to delivery, to ensure that the solutions they provide are perfectly aligned with operational needs and objectives. By listening to the unique requirements of each project and using their technical expertise, Technotron strives to add value to every aspect of the work they deliver.