Technotron has the knowledge and equipment needed for different inspection methods and can use them to carry out a wide range of inspections. When electrical plant or equipment fails in function, the consequences can be catastrophic. Early detection of future problems prevents unplanned stops, breakdowns and excessive wear and tear. By inspecting, plant safety can be ensured and legal requirements as well as those of insurers are met.

Low voltage installation inspection

Periodic inspection of your electrical installation reduces the risk of failure, fire and touching. You will thus comply with your insurer’s requirements. Technotron is fully certified to inspect and test low-voltage installations.

  • Inspection of new installations, first commissioning in accordance with NEN 1010 part 61
  • Inspections of existing installations in accordance with NEN 1010 part 62 periodic inspection
  • Inspections of existing installations in accordance with NEN 3140
  • Inspections of existing installations according to SCIOS scope 8
  • Inspections of existing installations according to SCIOS scope 10, based on NTA8220 and NPR8040-1
  • We do not do inspections according to¬† SCIOS scope 12!

In addition we hold:

  • Infrared level 1 and level 2 certification
  • Ultrasound category I certification according to ISO 18436-8
Technotron Inspect Infrarood meting


Using Thermography, we check electrical components, circuits and connections for hotspots. These hotspots can indicate future problems. They often result from wear and tear, incorrect fixings and/or loose connections. By checking in time, damage and/or fire can be prevented.

Technotron Inspect Ultrasound meting


With Ultrasound research, we detect and identify abnormalities in equipment, installations and components even before they cause functional problems.

The specific sound quality is made audible with headphones and the intensity is shown on the display. The recorded sounds are analysed and the findings are reported in an inspection report.

Technotron Inspect Power Quality Analyse

Power Quality Analysis

Power quality analysis is indispensable in any good maintenance programme. It makes it possible to analyse the quality of the supply network and currents, thus ensuring equipment reliability and availability. Unwanted failures and problems in the electrical installation can thus be prevented.

Motor Circuit Analysis

Performing MCA Inspections on a periodic basis provides a basis for trend monitoring of all critical equipment. Based on the trend analyses, timely maintenance actions can be predicted. This links efficiency to maintenance effectiveness. Deviations are detected at an early stage so that repairs can be planned and carried out well before the problem escalates.