machine and motor control systems

Technotron is a leading player in the design, manufacture and installation of customised control systems. With an in-depth knowledge of software development and a keen eye for the unique needs of their customers, we deliver high-quality solutions that improve operational efficiency and increase productivity.

The control systems developed by Technotron cover a wide range of applications. Using the latest technologies and programming languages, Technotron provides customised software solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and meet the specific requirements of each industry.

What sets us apart is their ability to deliver flexible and scalable solutions that can adapt to changing business requirements and technology trends. Technotron is known for its ability to deliver innovative solutions that stay ahead of the competition.

With a dedicated team of engineers and a passion for excellence, Technotron continues to set the standard for customised control systems that push the boundaries of technological innovation and contribute to their customers’ success.