Process measure and control systems

Technotron is a leader in measurement and control technology, designing, manufacturing and implementing advanced systems that are at the heart of accurate process control and monitoring in a variety of industries.

With deep expertise in sensor technology, data acquisition and control algorithms, Technotron delivers customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of each customer. From industrial automation to HVAC systems and from environmental monitoring to medical equipment, Technotron’s measurement and control technologies provide a solid foundation for efficient and reliable operations.

Technotron’s systems include a wide range of sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, flow, level and other parameters, which are accurately calibrated and integrated into advanced control circuits. These control circuits use powerful algorithms and feedback mechanisms to control and optimise processes, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

What sets us apart is the ability to deliver solutions that are not only reliable, but also flexible and scalable, allowing them to adapt to changing needs and technological advances. By constantly innovating and investing in research and development, Technotron remains at the forefront of measurement and control technology.

With a dedicated team of engineers and technicians and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Technotron continues to set the standard for advanced measurement and control technology that meets the highest industry standards.