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Launch of Technotron Inspect

4 May 2017

Technotron recently expanded its services to include industrial maintenance consultancy.
There are countless examples of excessively expensive maintenance programmes for various static and dynamic equipment and systems. Moving parts in factories, on ships or in machines are often replaced as a preventive measure without this actually being necessary.
The first, invisible and inaudible signs of wear and tear or faults may not be noticed. A subsequent breakdown may often come as a complete surprise. Parts of a factory can grind to a standstill or there can be even greater consequential damage that may impact linked or surrounding equipment, even resulting in a standstill of the entire process.
Technotron Inspect has the in-house knowledge and tools to help prevent such events. We inspect and monitor the condition of static and dynamic equipment, motors and electric motors, generators, transformers, cables, process conduits, tools and machines. We carry out inspections based on thermography, ultrasound, MCA & MCSA measurements and power-quality analysis. Through our partners, we can also perform vibration measurements and analyses.
Ultrasound analyses are highly accurate in identifying unseen irregularities as they occur. The part of the spectrum that is invisible and inaudible to us contains much valuable information that can be displayed using special equipment. Using the correct analyses and knowledge, irregularities can be identified before a client is even aware that a problem exists.
This information is invaluable when creating an effective maintenance programme. Equipment need not be replaced unnecessarily and an emerging problem can be identified. Any recurring problems can be analysed and an exact cause determined.
Applying our inspection equipment, methods of measurement and analyses, Technotron Inspect can assist in generating significant cost savings for maintenance and improve efficiency by analysing stubborn, recurring problems.

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