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Technotron delivers electrical drives for new survey vessels

4 May 2017

Technotron was commissioned by E&K in Yerseke to build the main switchboards and electrical-propulsion system for three new-build vessels, being constructed for shipping company Groen.
The main switchboard was designed to link and control three 500 kW generators. All generators are automatically synchronised and linked using Schneider Masterpacts on the switchboards. Control modules from manufacturer ComAp were used for synchronisation and automatic load balance. Two power switches were provided to feed the two Active Frontends (AFE). These 500-kW water-cooled AFEs are housed in two separate switchboxes. Each complete AFE consists of a water-cooled LC line filter, a Vacon water-cooled rectifier module, and a water-cooled inverter.
We asked Ronald Ongenae to tell us more about this exciting project:
What is your greatest strength and how were you able to use it in this project?
Technotron has a wide range of experience in designing and building extremely compact, high-quality maritime switch panels. Specific conditions on board - such as vibration, temperature, network pollution, plus available space - and service friendliness top the list of priorities we need to consider. Manufacture of copper conductors and busbars is usually customised. Technotron has its own, in-house, copper-processing machines for cutting, bending and punching copper.
Which phase is the project presently at?
Two of the three vessels are now operational and tests have indicated that both vessels have met all expectations. The third vessel is in her final phase before delivery and will be launched at the beginning of 2015.
Are other parties involved in this project? And, if so, what is their role?
E&K in Yerseke is the main contractor for Maaskant Shipyards and commissioning party for Technotron. We have developed a close partnership with E&K for the design, construction and delivery of maritime installations.