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The new generation of livestock transport vessels

4 May 2017

Efficient and comfortable seaborne transportation of live animals depends largely on extremely reliable on-board systems. Technotron has extensive experience in both vessel conversions and newbuild projects. The company recently completed work on six next-generation livestock vessels, constructed at the COSCO Shipyard in Guangzhou, China for shipping company Vroon.
Technotron developed a universal and fully automatic livestock-welfare system that meets all AMSA requirements. The system comprises primary and secondary systems, plus starter systems, to meet all livestock requirements at sea. Services provided include fresh-water production and distribution, testing and analysing of fresh water, fresh-air treatment, feeding systems, grey and black waste-water handling, cleaning systems, deck lighting, humidity and temperature control, firefighting systems and distress response. All equipment, including water-production facilities, generators, starter boxes and power distributors, are linked to the Livestock Master Control (LMC) system. The LMC system  is a processing device. Connected to one or more coloured touch panels, the LMC system provides users with a universal command and control tool for all livestock-related equipment on board. Events are recorded in the system and this information can be used for later analyses. The entire system is protected by a fail-safe concept, with a three-facet back-up system. Any failure in the LMC system will have no effect on the livestock services. All starter boxes, power-handling and distribution devices are manufactured in accordance with classification requirements.