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Fishing-winch control for Maaskant Shipyard

4 May 2017

Technotron contributed to development of a new, universal, pneumatic fishing-winch system. The project, commissioned by Maaskant Shipyard, commenced when a vessel with an old fishing-winch system had to be upgraded to a new standard.

A pneumatic fishing-winch system consists of six or eight Parker fishing-winch handles on the bridge and a PLC control system with touch panel. All winches on board are controlled with an analogue, pneumatically controlled, friction system. The touch panel provides a total overview of the entire system and is easy for the captain to use when controlling parameterisation and user settings. The control behaviour can be accurately set for anything from a linear to a complex control curve. This has given the new winch system a universal character, it can be directly used by all pneumatic fishing winches and caters for personal preferences. An optional line counter can be integrated on each winch. This automatically controls pneumatic braking and friction of the winches.

This winch-control system recently became operational on the YE-179, following successful sea trials.

Technotron developed both hardware and software for this fishing-winch-control system. The innovative, flexible and universal control system can be easily installed on existing pneumatic-friction systems. Such pneumatic-friction fishing-winch systems are commonly used on fishing cutters.