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Livestock carrier Gudali Express delivered

4 May 2017

Construction of livestock carrier Gudali Express has been completed and the vessel approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
The Gudali Express is the seventh and most recent vessel built for shipping company Vroon in Breda. This ship was built by COSCO Shipyard in Guangzhou, China. Technotron was responsible for the complete design, manufacture and delivery of all livestock-related controls and systems. The systems were installed and made operational under the supervision of Technotron.
Livestock welfare-and-support systems must be extremely reliable. Any failure of such critical systems can cause extreme stress for the animals, even resulting in the death of animals during a voyage. AMSA has strict criteria for critical systems on board livestock vessels. In many cases, this involves a high degree of redundancy to exclude single failures.
In 2004, Vroon started the upgrade of its existing livestock ships to meet new AMSA standards. From the start, Technotron was intensively involved in this process. In a period of just three years, we assisted in the successful completion of often fundamental upgrades to the entire fleet of nine ships.
A tender for building seven new, next-generation livestock ships for Vroon was awarded to COSCO Shipyard in Guangzhou, China, with the new-build programme starting in 2011.
Recognising Technotron's extensive knowledge and experience with the AMSA standard and the specifics of transporting livestock by sea, Vroon consulted us at an early stage with the request to design and deliver all livestock-related systems and provide local project management. Technotron developed an advanced Livestock Master Control system (LMC) for this new generation of livestock carriers. The LMC system guides, monitors, and controls all underlying systems that directly affect the livestock. It was designed in such a way that each critical control or operation was built redundantly and involves a primary and secondary system that can operate independently or in conjunction with each other.
The LMC system is a PLC-controlled management and control system with touch panels, operating independently but parallel to all controls and subdivisions. This means that failure of a part of the system will not affect livestock services, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.


This new flexible, redundant and highly reliable concept creates a system that ensures intensive monitoring and safeguarding of livestock on board and provides the most intensive care for the animals. The system exceeds the standards set by AMSA.

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