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Control console Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) and two hose-reel drives

In close cooperation with the client, Technotron designed and constructed two consoles for use in the offshore industry. The consoles were intended to operate a Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) and two hose-reel drives, connected in turn to five hydraulic tools. These tools are operated using joysticks on the console. The HPU incorporates a Siemens S1500 PLC, which uses a profinet (process field net) to communicate with a Siemens ET200SP remote IO station and a Siemens comfort panel in the console. Both hose-reel drives are equipped with a spooler to distribute the cables over the reel. The hose-reel drives and spoolers are operated with joysticks on the console. The hose-reel drives can be operated synchronously. The spoolers can also be driven automatically. To facilitate this, both hose-reel drives and spoolers are equipped with encoders that are connected to the PLC. The HPU can be started either locally or from the console. The controls are constructed in such a way that, in the event of a failure in the PLC, the complete control process can be undertaken manually. Technotron was responsible for this project from start to finish, from design of the control system and construction of the control panels to installation of the electronics on location.