In the world of motion compensated ‘offshore access’ systems, developments are not standing still. Hydrauvision, in collaboration with the company Z-Bridge BV, has therefore developed a second innovative way to move from a moving ship at sea to an offshore structure: the B2W system. Technotron made a major contribution to this.

The B2W system makes a safe connection from the ship to the offshore construction. Thereafter, up to four persons are driven in a lift tank to the construction over the system’s mast. In addition to the people transfer function, the functionality has been extended to include a crane function. Loads up to 3 tonnes can be safely placed on a fixed offshore structure from a moving vessel by the active compensation of the base of the new access system.

Bring to Work is a unique and complex system distinguished by its redundancy. The entire device is controlled by two separate systems, both hydraulic and electrical. Both systems monitor each other and adjust if necessary. This makes the Bring to Work extremely safe to use.